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Oregon Trawl Commission

The mission of the Oregon Trawl Commission (OTC) is to promote the sustainable and economically viable future of the Oregon trawl industry, support its efforts in sustainability and increase opportunities for economic development through marketing, education, research, certifications, and tracking and commenting on legislation and regulations in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the OTC.

About our Organization

Established in 1963 by the Oregon Legislature, Oregon Trawl Commission is an industry-funded state commodity commission, operating under the umbrella of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. OTC is governed by the board of commissioners consisting of the people who fish and process Oregon's trawl seafood products. The commissioners include five fishing representatives, two seafood processor, and one public member.


Yelena Nowak, Director
Office: (541) 469-7830
Cell: (541) 254-3055

Office: (541) 469-7830

Fax: (541) 469-7863


Rex Leach – Chairman

Trawl fisherman, Coos Bay

Mark Cooper – Vice Chairman

Trawl fisherman, Newport

Paul Kujala

Trawl fisherman, Astoria

Chris Retherford

Trawl fisherman, Newport

Karie Silva

Trawl fisherman, Coos Bay

Andrew Bornstein

Bornstein Seafoods, Astoria

Joshua Brown

Pacific Seafood, Clackamas

Dave Wright

Public member, Newport


16289 Highway 101 S., Suite C, Brookings, OR 97415 

Office: (541) 469-7830
Fax: (541) 469-7863

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